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Yes it is true… Can you remember THIS post? Well I finally got my scientific calculator. It was the amusement for the last 2 months regarding how long it would take for the admin to sort themselves out enough that my colleague and I (the one who started the day I started) would get our scientific calculators, rather than giant, financial calculators…  Today the calculators came. With a huge set of instructions. And yes, I will need to read them to sort out how to work the silly thing. It’s completely different from any scientific calculator I’ve used before…

Oh and attempt #2 at adding audio to my blog… Apparently I can’t manage it — yet. For now, here is a link to the youtube video (it can’t be embedded).


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Perhaps a slightly odd title, or rather two.  Friday was a day where we were short staffed and it was just the other newbie Tech Support Rep and I on occasion. So even though we aren’t completely at the point of being ready to answer the phones, I “learned to answer the telephones” on Friday.

But office supplies.  I have a few things that I need but aren’t in the supply area: a stapler, a calculator, a cork board and a footrest. The footrest was ordered without any hitches. The cork board needed longer approval but it’s on it’s way too. The stapler and calculator were interesting.  My colleague and I made our choices fairly conservatively, certainly fairly inexpensive, the two items were less than $30 combined.

We were told that the were going to replace the ones we ordered with ones that were part of the new ‘company standard’. A logical thing, I had no problems with it. The stapler came and we were bumped up in the world. I’d chosen a cheap stapler that was very basic. The ones we received were pretty impressive, and more than what I need. But hey, no complaints. The calculators on the other hand were these giant things with giant buttons. And no scientific functions. At all. Oh, but I could calculate taxes. Keep in mind, I am a biologist and in a technical position and use things like exponents etc. A key reason for having the calculators, in fact. So now I have a giant calculator that doesn’t do me any more good than the calculator on my phone. Oh, other than the buttons are nice and easy to use.  Anyhow, my manager was amused by this oversight, we’ve all had some good laughs and hopefully soon I’ll have a useful calculator.

After work on Friday I went to the event ‘Chip’s Not Dead Yet’ was something you had to see to believe. The link is here: http://www.chipsnotdeadyet.com/. I went as a bridesmaid along with my running partner who went as a shotgun bride (she’s 6.5months pregnant). Our friend were brides, a few didn’t get dressed up, we had rock and rollers and a couple of grooms.  Photos will be posted. I am afraid. All in all a great event, and the winner of the elites is going to buy his mom a house. And he donated $1000 back to the charity. After the race was over a few of us went to Ikea for ‘Midnight Madness’. It was a great promo but the sale wasn’t as great as it could have been. But I got some things I needed and others I just wanted…

Anyhow, I have stories of how I’m cherishing friends right now, Prince Caspian, random thoughts and other musings of today. But I’ll have to share those later, because it’s time I stop blogging. I’m getting up very early to run a half marathon. So I’ll post my race review later on and more thoughts. But for now, it’s time for me to attempt to sleep.

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