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What is wrong with me???

I’m emotionally raw. Hurt by the events this past weekend. Hurt because last night was nice. Friendly, fun, and EXACTLY what I would have liked to see when I was with him. So he’s capable. He just chose not to. And that hurts. Because I miss him, I care about him. I don’t want to be treated badly, I want to be treated well, and he did that last night. If he could do that consistently in a relationship, I’d want to be with him. As he was, NO. But that way? Yes. And that hurts that he doesn’t seem to care about me. At all. So I feel used. I’m so confused. I need a distraction. A longer term distraction. Sigh.

So I hurt.

And now I’m sick. Great. AGAIN. This is nuts!


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Neti Pot

So I promised a friend I’d go to the doctor. My cough has been horrible. And what did I find out? It’s to do with my sinuses. Apparently there’s a correlation between what’s going on and my hand eczema. Environmental allergies or something like that.

Anyhow, rather than an inhaler I have a sinus spray — corticosteroid. Yippee. And this thing called a Neti Pot.  The one I have looks like a plastic tiny teapot and you shove the spout up your nose and let physiological saline drain through your sinuses — with your head tipped forward and to the side.

I’m not yet sold on it but it’s supposed to help. It doesn’t hurt, but it feels a little weird. And now my left side of my sinuses are clear. My right feels like I breathed in saltwater and I’m sneezing.  We’ll see. Perhaps that’s TMI for a blog read by friends and strangers alike, but there’s my update on this 3 week long cold. A crazy item called a Neti Pot, and still coughing. But for now I’m calling it a night.

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This cold is like death…

Well, not literally perhaps, but UGH I feel horrible. I have no control over the regulation of my body temperature, everywhere hurts, I’m coughing up a lung, I can’t breath and I’m grumpy.

That’s my week. After an amazing weekend of dancing, Thanksgiving, Friends and Family, this week has been a complete washout. Nothing’s been wrong other than being sick, but it makes me feel so completely horrible that I’m seriously grumpy. What I really want: a hot toddy and a back massage. Not necessarily in that order.

This weekend I will be spending it asleep, just as I’m doing for much of today. Blech.

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That’s in my head. It hurts like you would not believe and it’s making me feel ill.  I’ve called my chiropractor. But I think it’s mostly life’s tension catching up to me.

I’ve called in sick. Thank goodness for sick benefits.

For now I’m going to sleep until I get a call back.

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