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Don’t you be wasting all your money
On syrup and honey
Cause I’m so eaten up(Cause I’m sweet enough)
Don’t you be using every minute
On making a living
Because we’ve got our love
Listen to me, 1,2,3
Baby, baby, baby spend your time on me

Don’t you be out all night long
Leaving me all alone
Because I, I need your love
Don’t you be spending everyday working away
Because I’m waiting for you
Listen to me, 1,2,3
Baby, baby, baby spend your time on me

Spend it, spend it, spend your time on me
Please baby
Please baby

This is a song that was played at late night at the Seattle Lindy Exchange and it’s one that speaks to me right now.

Just a brief post for the moment with a video for your enjoyment. Perhaps there will be more later.


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The insanity has been mounting lately, and it’s reduced my energy to post long posts here. Last week was particularly crazy as I spoke again with my manager. She’s not sure she can fit me in, come fall, so I may not have a job, or it may not happen immediately.  That’s created focus and a bit of worry — though I must admit that I feel so sure about UBC Nursing is the right direction that I’m not flipping out about money as much as I expected I would be. It will all work out.

Anyhow, so yes, crazy to do lists. It’s going to be a recurring theme this month.  Friday, I headed down to Seattle. After the ‘Crossing Borders’ episode, I decided to use Nexus to cross (alone as there wasn’t another nexus holder available), and leave my car in Bellingham. It was nice, I had lots of time to relax, hang out and talk on the phone while I waited for my friends to catch up with me. It helped to relax me before the weekend really began.

I must admit to being so tired at the moment that I don’t know if I have much specific that I want to say about the weekend. It was wondeful — full of fantastic dances, meeting a few new people, getting to know some acquaintances a bit better, and a weekend that was in general a boost to my self confidence.  The bands were all amazing, the feats of acrobatics at the picnic were wonderful (Pics to follow), dancing at Westlake was warm, fun, and always makes me smile. The annual traditions of dance at night, sleep in the day, a group of us skinny dipping in the lake at midnight (for those friends and family who are shocked at this idea, RELAX, it’s pitch black, no one can see anything anyhow — besides, it’s fun and refreshing), all continued as in other years.

All in all, I had a great time. The end of the weekend’s been a little bit intense.  We left without sleeping so I could attend a funeral, and then after that, I went up to UBC to check out textbooks.  I was not really surprised, but slightly annoyed at the price differences between the UBC Bookstore to buy texts when compared with Amazon or Chapters.  So, I bought 7 texts from these two sites (all at least $10-20 cheaper) and 10 others I’ll get as a package (that includes hard copies, electronic copies — VERY handy — and journal subscriptions).  The last few I’ll check into this weekend — I wanted to take care of the ones I’d need in September now, and for January I’ll order in the next little while.

All in all a hectic day, but I’ve ended with baking Amish Friendship Bread (Link to the recipe to be included later). Partly for stress relief (helps me think and relax), partly because of the timing of the recipe, and partly since I wanted a treat! For now, though, it’s time to crash. Work’s going to hurt, especially as I’ve had energy drinks with caffeine this weekend. No coffee, but I’ll still have to deal with the withdrawal.

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How do you begin to describe a weekend like I’ve had? I’ve had several intense days and I don’t even know where to begin.

I went down to Seattle for SEALX and had some amazing dances, listened to fantastic bands, and pretty much spent the entire weekend having fun.

I could go into detail about the dances I had or I could talk about how while I enjoyed the bands, listening to “The Loose Marbles” that much was a bit too much. In this case, the band was fantastic, but more variety would have been nice.

But, all in all I had a great time. I love events like this, and in spite of the challenges to get there, carpooling insanity that usually has me ready to smack someone(s) and general frustration, I always have a great time and have not yet regretted going to events like this.

A few tips for those newbies to the SEALX experience:

1. Practice fast lindy hop. Seattle likes it FAST. Much faster than we ever dance in Vancouver, except in Jam Circles. It reminds me that I should take some solo Charleston, and some fast Lindy since we don’t really dance it that fast here very often.

2. The venues are always hot and steamy. Bring lots and lots of shirts. Many guys change their shirts a few times in a night, at these venues, women need to also in many cases.

This particular weekend was like that.  The evening started at the Rainier Chapter house and the venue certainly has atmosphere.  After the main dance we went for food at Whym. The general manager there was a riot, and quite obnoxious. He was great though his antics continued on too long and kept us there longer than we wished. The food was pretty good, though my soup was too salty.

Saturday we relaxed and then went to Mighty O’s where we got to try some vegan doughnuts. They were fantastic and I must stay a wonderful treat.  We made our way to Cal Anderson Park, where I flopped out on a blanket and napped. We went back to The Smith’s where we got ready to go to the dance. While waiting for my friends to be ready, I flopped down on the sofa and managed to hit my head quite hard. Don’t ask. I was in a lot of pain and still have a goose egg to remember it by.  I tried to go to the dance at the Ballard Oddfellow’s Hall, but my head was hurting too much. I could hardly dance. So I went back to The Smith’s and napped.  After the nap, I went out with my friends to go for a quick dip in the lake. Greenlake. It was pitch black, and apparently is becoming an annual tradition. Yup, that’s right skinny dipping. It was a blast. And the shock of the cold got rid of the head-hitting-headache.  And I’m definitely glad I went. This was a transformational moment for me that I will have to think about — and perhaps blog about later on. But one thing at a time….

After the swimming expedition, I took off with another Seattle Friend and spent some time hanging out. Eventually I made it into late night, which as always, is held at the Washington Dance Center. I had some amazing dances. The best dance of the weekend was with a particular friend, it was intense, crazy, had me up in the air on several occasions, and is one I will remember.

At the end of that night there was this guy with a big jug of beer that he didn’t want to carry home on his bicycle. So he started pouring it into all our mouths. And a few pop cans. The stuff left a nasty aftertaste in my mouth.

After crashing for a few hours, we got up, went to Pike Place Market for break…er… lunch and then danced at Westlake Park downtown where I got to play — and dance — in a fountain. This dance was partly DJ’d and partly The Loose Marbles. They’re great but really they have two tempos. Stupid fast and really slow. More variety is definitely needed there.

After the dance it was sushi at Sam’s Sushi in Ballard and then I went out with a friend for drinks and we hung out and chatted for a while until it was time for the next dances.

By the end of the weekend I was completely fried, but I was definitely on‘ I enjoyed every moment and I feel like I’ve turned a corner in terms of life and stress. Being free to make choices like I did this weekend, and ones that were particularly good for me was great. I’m happy. It’s good. And whatever comes of the future, and later trips to Seattle, I’m happy now and that’s what’s important.

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