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I’m happy to report that my re-found ‘fun’ of dance is truely back.

The weekend brought dance, a new BBQ (to replace a crapy one I’d gotten rid of), and fun with friends.

My Canada day almost feels like it started Monday Evening. I had an appointment first, then went to a work BBQ.  After the BBQ I made my way to a blues night. It’s at a bar, was quite busy with Canada Day the next day and most people off work.

At the dance I had some great dances, the band was good, though more funk than bluesy. But regardless, I really have found “my fun” again. While I was there, I had a ‘dance etiquette’ issue to deal with. There’s a lead in town who dances with me. Sometimes several times in a night. Once, about a month ago, he even realized that I was having a rough time and made sure to keep me on the dance floor. It definitely helped improve my mood. But, whenever I ask him to dance he turns me down. Every time, no exaggeration.  There’s always a different excuse. I couldn’t hear what his excuse was this time – the music was loud – but I got another ‘no’.  Plus, a few minutes later (the next song) he ended up walking past me and dancing with another girl (who hadn’t yet arrived when I asked him to dance). I’m sick of it. It makes me think that he asks me to dance out of obligation and not out of enjoyment, that it’s a control issue, or something.

Skipping ahead for a moment, on Canada Day he did ask me to dance. I commented that I would but first I had a question for him. I flat out asked him what was up. He couldn’t come up with a good explanation.  Only that he didn’t feel that he was doing that.  I let him know that he indeed was, that I wasn’t happy about always being turned down and that I’d suggest he say yes the next time I asked.  Because, to be honest, I like dancing with him, but really if he can’t say yes at least sometimes when I ask him, I’d rather not dance with him. I don’t want to be an ‘obligation dance’.  So, when I can again work up my courage, I will ask him again, but only once more.  To me, constantly saying no is rude, and poor dance etiquette and it diminishes my enjoyment of dances with him.

Anyhow, after Monday night’s dance I got home late and had to get up on Canada Day at 6am to run the “Run for Canada 10k”.  It was fun, I wasn’t going for speed, just fun. And I did have a good time. I ended up doing intervals, which was a first for a 10k for me – ever. But I didn’t mind, I was doing it for fun, not for a best time. It was also nice to get to know “S’s” friend “T” a little bit. Seems really nice.

The whirlwind that was Canada Day continued. I got home, ready and one of my good friends came over, helped me fix a BBQ that I’d bought on the weekend. I’d connected the hose to the tank, and tried starting it. The tank filled the hose but apparently that was all the propane that the tank had because it wouldn’t ignite the BBQ.  So, I replaced the tank and it still wouldn’t work. So, on Canada Day D came over to help me sort out the BBQ. What does he do? Disconnect the hoses, and reconnect them. It starts. I’m convinced that the BBQ just needed encouragement that a male was going to use it — occasionally given that BBQ’ing is traditionally a male domain.  Anyhow, we gave it a test drive and it seems to be a great buy.

After the BBQ fix, we went to Granville Island for Canada Day and did what’s called “Lindy Bombing”. A crazy term perhaps but it means a random group of lindy hoppers showing up to dance to a danceable band in public and where it’s not necessarily a dance with a dance floor – often we’re just dancing where we can.

Two bands, Company B and the New Orleans Ale Stars performed and there were many many dancers out. It was a fantastic turn out and wonderful to see so many people who’ve not been out recently.  I had some fun dances and facebook certainly has many photos of the day.

At the end of the day we had about a 3 hour break so after I totally lost it due to hunger (I REALLY need to eat every couple of hours and if I get hungry someone should just give me food. One of my pals did that — took me to get me some food), we went to the beach with my new BBQ, and had a BBQ on the beach and watched the fireworks. My friends were very sweet… they even bought me an ‘Unbirthday Cake’. Last year on my birthday (at Christmas), I didn’t really celebrate it. Was a terrible birthday, in fact. So this year I’d commented that I was going to celebrate my unbirthday instead… they remembered and bought me an ice cream cake and even sang happy unbirthday to me. So cute.

Anyhow, it was a packed day, and I had a great time, all in all, and I can’t wait for the next big celebration…


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