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I used to post occasionally about ‘Yale Stories’ that I would have while blues dancing at The Yale on Monday nights.  Sadly I get up too early to go very frequently, and the regular Monday night band has now moved to Wednesday.  So Yale Stories as they were happen much less frequently.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen: take buying parts for a hard drive at NCIX a few weeks ago — I had a sales guy offer me a special deal on a printer ‘for beautiful women only’.  And another guy, after watching me for ~15min sidled up to me to say Hi, just as I was leaving.

But sometimes the random encounters happen and a yale story presents itself in the most unexpected way.  Last night, I was running some errands and realized that I didn’t have a couple of ingredients to bake this week’s batch of Amish Friendship Bread (By the way if anyone needs some starter — let me know, I’ve got lots) so I stopped by the grocery store after dropping a friend off.  I got a few things (forgetting a few more so baking still hasn’t happened) and went to stand in line. A guy gets in line behind me, asks me if I have a card for that store (for price discounts). I did. So he asks if he could use it. I let him know that he can and at this point I reach the front of the line, he steps forward, combines his purchase with mine and pays for it all. I’m babbling and confused at this point and don’t know what to say (it could have been a flirting opportunity but I so missed it! Oh well). He said it was thanks for using my discount card, grabbed his purchase and took off.

The cashier and I stood looking at each other completely confused. His purchase, even without my card, would have been about $3. Mine closer to $10 or $12.   Random, but who’s to complain?!?

Sadly, though, it was a prime flirting-practice opportunity and I completely blew it. I apparently don’t do so well at flirting pop quizes. Ah well, I still got groceries for free out of it.


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Running and Plunging…

My usual routine is work, come home and nap, do whatever I’m going to do in the evening. Most of the time I run a few days a week, with my long runs being on Saturday mornings. This week, though,  I’m doing a fitness assessment on the weekend so I can’t do my long run as usual.  So my kind running buddy came with me and we did our 29k run. I was not happy about running that distance. I was tired after a busy week at work, I was sore and generally weary.  But we went out, running buddy being very patient (all the while chuckling to himself) at my whinging and complaining.

We ran east (we usually run more west in our city), and headed through a number of neighborhoods — there were the up and coming gentrifying neighborhoods, the ones with the ‘edge’ to them, the Italians,  Chinatown, edging on the bad part of town and then BAM the trendy areas where we usually run. Running in a city gives me an interesting picture on who those people are, how they live and what the different cultures of any given neighborhood are really like.  I run races in other cities for that very reason: exposure as a visitor in a way that one does not get by seeing the sights or visiting museums.

As we ran I realized that, unlike my usual routine (this run was anything but usual), I didn’t start from a bathroom-offering location. So we first ran to a gas station. But the washroom was closed. Down  the street we go to the second one. Same thing. Across the street was a third: open this time. BUT, the bowl of the toilet was almost full (clear water, lets not be gross). So I test it out: it’s not draining. I’m a handy independent woman, who was getting desperate by this time so I grabbed the plunger and started plunging. This barely rescued the toilet from flooding but didn’t unstop it. At this point I washed my hands and w went on search for #4. This one was a coffee shop with a very long bathroom lineup. So down the road we were running. At this point we passed a Safeway and I knew I could find one there. Relief was at hand, 5 bathrooms + one plunging experience later.

The rest of the evening was running running running. A beautiful sunset made it all worthwhile and I felt strong and healthy.  I must say, I may not be much of a morning person, I definitely prefer to run or workout in the mornings. Thankfully I made it through, sometimes on sheer stubbornness, but I made it. The sushi reward at the end, and the great company through the run, made it all worthwhile.

The one drawback of running so long after work is that it’s difficult to get enough sleep. To recover from a long run, I usually have a nap plus a night’s sleep, and feel much better the next day. Friday hurt and was a bad day for many reasons but I can’t help but think that such a long run didn’t help.  After work, I began the testing for a friend of mine. It was fun, she’s a good coach! 😀 And the painful part of this weekend will be the no coffee. no chocolate. no alcohol.

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BCAA: Go big or go home…

After getting home from work, napping and having dinner, I went to the grocery store. I’ve agreed to do the dessert baking for my weekend in Whistler and needed to get some supplies. I got my groceries and went to my car. Where I discovered that I’ve again locked my keys in the car. I’ve been driving for what, 18 years, and until recently have only locked my keys in my car once.  But this is the second time in 6 months.  Fortunately, it was late in the evening, so the wait wasn’t long. And, when BCAA arrived, the driver was driving this massive rig, that I’m sure could tow a small semi or dump truck.

Anyhow, I went home and made Ginger Snaps. I also tested out a different pastry recipe. I’ll use it to make a pie for the weekend, but for the main pies that have been requested, I’ll go back to my traditional recipe. The Oil Pastry recipe I used is a bit dry and crumbly. I didn’t really like working with it.  I could have added more liquid but I decided to see what the flavour was like as it.

Anyhow, today is the last day for milk products. I’m going to spend the next several weeks cutting out milk products. I was tested as mildly positive for an allergy to milk proteins. Mildly positive — meaning it may or may not manifest as a clinical symptom. But the protein that tested positive is correlated with some nagging symptoms I’d love to eliminate.  So I finished the cheese, dumped the milk and have stocked up on soy yoghurt (fortunately this protein doesn’t seem to be in soy), soy milk, almond milk.  I don’t know whether I hope that cutting out milk will help — or not.

Anyhow, it’s very late and it’s time I sleep.

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I really have little to post about, I’ve hung out with friends, tried to eat in as much as possible (quasi successful), stay healthy and get enough sleep.  I’ve realized I need to pay more attention to exercise and better nutrition to maintain my energy levels so I’m considering some running goals…

Anyhow, I came accross an amusing blog this week. On knitting.

The first post is for you science-y types

This post, however, is if you ever need a car, here’s a way of getting one

And now I’m done prepping for tomorrow — I think so I’m going to attempt to get to sleep earlier than yesterday…

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My phone just rang, but I didn’t recognize the number. A child probably about 3 1/2 or so was on the other line. Crying out “Mommy??? Mommy???”. I said to the child, I’m sorry but I’m not your Mommy.  So the child said ‘Can I talk to Mommy?’ I said that I was sorry but I was home alone and their Mommy wasn’t there.  At that moment someone else came along — an adult — and I explained that they had the wrong number. That was it for that call, but then they called back again.  I said ‘Hi, you’ve still got the wrong number’. That was it…  It made me smile…

But my advice (from the perspective of someone who is NOT a Mommy): If you give your cell number to a babysitter… make sure it’s the correct number! 😛

Today I went out for my usual Sunday Brunch with friends, and afterwards I hung out with one of my friends and we started to plan a road trip to San Francisco. I really want to go, and it’s a dance weekend, which is something I really love, so I’m going to go if I can get the time off. It’s a ‘tug of war’ because it will slow down my plans to pay off debt but I have realized that it’s important that I do what I need to do to enjoy my life and part of that is to dance when I enjoy dancing.

So if my boss says yes, then I’m going to go to San Francisco in September! YAY!!!

After, I met a friend of mine for tea and window shopped and then I made my way home where I napped and relaxed for the evening.  I had more yoghurt and I strained it a little bit, so it became nice and thick! If I’d left it longer and if it were plain it would be yoghurt cheese and spreadable.  Next time…

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So I was tagged by my friend One in 36 Million.

Now I have to think of six quirky things about myself.

This is a game of ‘tag’ played across blogs. There are a few rules.
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. Done. See above.

2. Done. See above.

3. Six Quirky things:

1. I like my toilet paper rolls to hang with the loose end ‘out’. Weird, perhaps, but I tell all my roommates that it’s a thing I’ve got. I don’t care how they replace the roll in the least, I try not to change it but if I do change it, not to be offended. I usually change the roll so it’s not ‘backwards’.

2. I may not always have the most perfectly organized home but my dishes, pots and pans, and tupperware cupboards are always organized. I used to joke with my family that it was my rebellion, they do not have the most organized pots and pans cupboard.

3. I do not like dried fruit but I love craisins.

4. I detest store-bought strawberry jam (bad experience) but LOVE homemade strawberry jam (in fact, it might just be my favourite).

5. I love watching my favourite shows or movies over and over again…

6. I can never think of enough people for silly quizzes or humour or tags like this… Or answers… So I rarely respond…


1. Jules: one of my dearest friends

2. Hillary:  A friend from university, have been a bit out of touch recently.

3. Ann-ecdotes: Another university friend. She now lives in Toronto.

4. Mad Lori: A random blog I stumbled upon eons ago, I’ve been lurking ever since.

5. Brenkman’s: Vancouver friends now living in Calgary

6. Errr…. I’m blanking at the moment… WAIT!!! There’s my 6th quirky thing…

Oh and I couldn’t post on all the links above… internet issues it seems… Oh well.

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