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My phone just rang, but I didn’t recognize the number. A child probably about 3 1/2 or so was on the other line. Crying out “Mommy??? Mommy???”. I said to the child, I’m sorry but I’m not your Mommy.  So the child said ‘Can I talk to Mommy?’ I said that I was sorry but I was home alone and their Mommy wasn’t there.  At that moment someone else came along — an adult — and I explained that they had the wrong number. That was it for that call, but then they called back again.  I said ‘Hi, you’ve still got the wrong number’. That was it…  It made me smile…

But my advice (from the perspective of someone who is NOT a Mommy): If you give your cell number to a babysitter… make sure it’s the correct number! 😛

Today I went out for my usual Sunday Brunch with friends, and afterwards I hung out with one of my friends and we started to plan a road trip to San Francisco. I really want to go, and it’s a dance weekend, which is something I really love, so I’m going to go if I can get the time off. It’s a ‘tug of war’ because it will slow down my plans to pay off debt but I have realized that it’s important that I do what I need to do to enjoy my life and part of that is to dance when I enjoy dancing.

So if my boss says yes, then I’m going to go to San Francisco in September! YAY!!!

After, I met a friend of mine for tea and window shopped and then I made my way home where I napped and relaxed for the evening.  I had more yoghurt and I strained it a little bit, so it became nice and thick! If I’d left it longer and if it were plain it would be yoghurt cheese and spreadable.  Next time…


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Homemade Yoghurt

So lately I’ve been trying to see what I can make from scratch, with the view that they’re

A) Healthier – I know exactly what’s in everything I make

B) Tastier – from scratch usually is better

C) Cheaper – often goes without saying

I’ve made quite a lot of jam, and may make some more as time goes along, though I missed the cherry season. Peach or Blackberry perhaps…

Anyhow, the latest is making my own Yoghurt and eventually Ice Cream (though I have to buy a maker before that will happen). I eat yoghurt almost every day — at work and for breakfast — and if I can make it myself that would go quite a long way to reducing my grocery costs.

So yesterday I decided to try making it, and it seems to be a success. It tastes like yoghurt and has the consistency of a soft yoghurt. I may strain it through cheesecloth or something to make it thicker, though I think letting it incubate longer would also help. But it’s definitely yoghurt. Has that tang, but itsn’t too tart (I lightly sweetened it since I am not planning on using this batch for anything savory). The next batch I make will probably be unsweetened.


8 cups Milk (I used 2cups skim and 6cups 2% because I happened to have it around)

1/3 cup Skim Milk Powder

1/4 cup honey (or I saw some recipes for maple syrup, but I didn’t have any around at the time)

1 TBSP Vanilla

1/2 cup starter yoghurt

I made the entire batch sweetened but I think I could also have split the batch and sweetened it after the cooking time so that part is plain.

Anyhow I mixed all the ingredients together, except the starter yoghurt and cooked it on low heat on the stove until it reached 180F.

When it reached that temperature I put the pot in cold water and stirred it rapidly until the temperature dropped to 110F

I removed it from the cold water at 110F and added the Starter Yoghurt, stirring rapidly until it was evenly mixed

I then incubated it for 10 hours at 110F.

After the incubation I refrigerated it overnight and tasted it in the morning.


The way I incubated my yoghurt culture is I set up a homemade incubator, essentially… I put an electric blanket into my cooler along with my oven thermometer. I’d previously tested it out and with the blanket on in the enclosed space the area heats to the right temperature.

Next on my list: Getting a sourdough starter going…

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