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It’s Friday morning and my apartment is bright and sunny. The sunlight is coming in through the window near my table (where I’m forever doing homework). It’s not yet spring but it feels like it. I love days like this. I’m looking forward to bright lovely mornings, a summer where I am doing my Community and Mental Health placements (which hopefully doesn’t mean having to be at hospitals in the middle of the night). Longer evenings, giving me more time to exercise at night if I can’t fit it in to the mornings.

Overall I am reminded that though things are kind of crappy right now, the winter (which I loath) is almost done. I have no real reason but I’m sitting at my table, trying to concentrate on lab exam prep, and I’m smiling because I know things will be better.

All those things (blogged and not blogged) will improve, and if they don’t, at least my outlook will be improved.

I wish I could be outside enjoying the day, and I’m sure as I’m studying through the summer I will be wishing for this quite frequently (homework at the beach anyone???). But, I am smiling.

Summer means patios with friends, hiking (I hope), lots of exercise (in a few months I’ll be starting to marathon train again), long days, and much joy.

I can’t wait!


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It wasn’t so bad today. It hasn’t gotten bonkers yet this week. I had a phone call tonight, with someone who had some useful things to say about my options and about my direction.  And of course things are now as clear as mud.

But I have also been thinking about how permanently grumpy I’ve been and I’ve decided to take a page from my friend Mel’s book and describe some good things about today:

1.  My running group. Running keeps me sane and is helping me to deal with all the crap is going on. They definitely make me happy. This community is important to me.

2. For the beginnings of spring. The rain that was falling as I walked home from work felt like a spring rain rather than a winter rain. It was lovely.

3. For having a post-work run that was still in daylight. I went earlier than usual and was delighted that I didn’t need my headlamp.

4. For the car saga that will be dealt with by the end of this week — and I’ll get a better stereo in the process.

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After work, I skipped running and ended up hanging at the beach with a dear dear friend.  We chatted and reflected on life, then afterwards I hung out at home, chatted with friends, smiled at a happy phone call that I received.

Then I grocery shopped, and made soup for work tomorrow. Now I’ve had too much chocolate but I’m going to have a bath and head to bed.

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