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A needle and thread…

And a highly computerized machine…

It has been a while, hasn’t it!?!?

I haven’t known what to write and I haven’t felt like I’ve had a solid direction. Not to mention I’m crazy busy. More about that later.

Anyhow, for my birthday my husband (yes, there has been many changes!!) gave me a fantastic sewing machine (my expert sewist mother-in-law also was in on the gift and directed the excellent choice!).

I have wanted a machine more up to date than my vintage machine for years! Why? Well I have always admired those who can construct and fit their own clothes! I took a sewing class in junior high and hope that with online tutorials I can master the techniques I need.

I’ve found clothes hard to fit (a full bust adjustment will become my friend!) and dream of a wardrobe of well fitting clothes and perhaps a bit of freedom from store dress sizes. Sigh.

As a first project I made a cute bib for my son (yes, I’ve experienced MANY changes), with a great deal of help from my mother-in-law. A second project was a notions bag for my knitting.

I hope I can make wearable scrubs too!
Maybe one day I will have the guts to buy pricey fabric and make an amazing dress or six…







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