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Last week I went on another date with a guy from an online dating site. He wanted to surprise me, so we met at a nearby Starbucks. The plan was to go for the best pie in this city. I was perplexed as we were no where near a place that I know of that has great pie… But he took me to a local department store with the comment that “there are many silver haired people here with time to complain thus it must be the best”. Let me tell you… The crust was terrible and the filling was from a box. On a bad pie day my pies are better.

This guy was very smart, but also very aggressive. We spent the better part of the date discussing health-related issues where I was forced to take a position because he wanted to argue against it. I’ve never felt so tied Into knots during a first date -and I don’t mean from first date jitters!

I think I managed to shake him off, through my “I’m not interested” vibes (I suspect I’m too good at that part of things, in fact…).

Edited to add: It is REALLY difficult to type a blog post on an iphone, particularly with a cat who insists on attention… Excuse any typos…


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