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I’ve been completely AWOL lately. I know. Some readers, or at least those I have left, are wondering what’s up. Fair enough.

Life for me is pretty steady right now. I’ve been on a 7 week break from school and wish it was just finished entirely. I have been working as a student on a sub-acute unit this summer. This unit isn’t where I was hired but to make a long story short I’m here just for the summer and will go back to my regular unit in the fall.

The experience has still been good and I’ve got a lot more hands on than other classmates will have.

Otherwise I’ve been trying to see my friends as much as possible before I return to the books full time.

In other news, I’m posting this short post from my new iPhone 4. There’s a story there too, but I’ll wait on that for now.


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I think I’m still burned out of all the things I had to do before school finished. I have zero motivation to do any writing. I keep thinking about blogging and will get back here soon.

All is well: school finished (don’t have grades yet), work (two jobs) is ongoing, life’s fairly stable but a little non-noteworthy, oh and I was rear ended 2 weeks ago. I’m still sore but massage is helping to keep that at bay so I can work. Not my fault, so car repairs are covered, not sure if my repairs will be…

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