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Early morning, it’s bright and sunny.  A perfect morning for a run. Today isn’t just any run and it’s not one that I really wished to miss.  The reason is it was the Vancouver Sun Run and this year is my 8th in a row running it.  I’d love to make it 10 in a row if I could.  Next year will fully depend on my clinical schedule though as I’ll be in my preceptorship at that time.

This year was particularly significant as I didn’t know if I’d make it.  Having mono this spring has really thrown me for a loop.  I started running with one of my running partners (we’ve done a number of half marathons together), and after 3 km she went on without me.  She was doing great feeling strong and fast.  I wasn’t. I couldn’t run right through — as I have always done in past races.  But I kept going, and managed to finish. It wasn’t my personal worst, but it was no where near my personal best.

I’m thankful I finished because this race holds great personal significance — it was the birth of my running, and a lifestyle that’s very different than what it was.  It’s a symbol of personal changes — in terms of what I’m capable of, and who I am at the core of my ‘self’.  And for that reason I realize that even if my partner had stayed with me through the race, I still would have had to fight the fight alone to finish the race.

Now I have to recover, recover the rest of the way from mono and decide: Do I have it in me to train and run my annual half marathon in 6 weeks???


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I should be studying.  Given all the deadlines I have next week I should be either sleeping or studying but I needed a bit of time to relax first.  Today has been a day of dealing with bureaucracy and it’s been driving me a little crazy because it’s things I should not have to sort out.  So I’m going to take a deep breath, give up on the diligent studying, knit a few rows of a project I’m working on and watch some cheesy TV.  Tomorrow will be full-force and then it’s full on insanity until May 28th when I can take a deep breath.

And on that I am going to sign off with a mental note for myself: remember that I’m in an undergrad program and some of the people are very young and naive.  Have patience and remember there are things they will figure out in several years that I already know. <Deep Breath>

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