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January Musings

It has been a whirlwind January. I almost don’t know where to start. New Years was amazing. The event I went to in Portland was great. Exactly what I needed, and perhaps one of the best dance events I’ve been to.  It always seems to me that the way new years goes down somehow gives me a clue about how this year is going to go.  And certainly, after this year’s celebration, I hope it represents 2010 and how amazing this year will be.

So far, the highlights of this year include a lovely blues party in Seattle, potential changes in the wind, progressing with school (though this particular clinical placement has me working with a nurse who is a B****, and has been treating me badly — this week at least) and progression in my bedroom so that at least it will be organized and ‘pretty’.  Though, currently, my books are still in chaos and I have no dresser so my clothes are in baskets. I’m going to try to rectify this this weekend.

Anyhow, life is carrying on.  Here’s hoping Clinical is better tomorrow and that certain changes will happen, though I’m also doubtful about that. How’s that for vague?


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