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I used to post occasionally about ‘Yale Stories’ that I would have while blues dancing at The Yale on Monday nights.  Sadly I get up too early to go very frequently, and the regular Monday night band has now moved to Wednesday.  So Yale Stories as they were happen much less frequently.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen: take buying parts for a hard drive at NCIX a few weeks ago — I had a sales guy offer me a special deal on a printer ‘for beautiful women only’.  And another guy, after watching me for ~15min sidled up to me to say Hi, just as I was leaving.

But sometimes the random encounters happen and a yale story presents itself in the most unexpected way.  Last night, I was running some errands and realized that I didn’t have a couple of ingredients to bake this week’s batch of Amish Friendship Bread (By the way if anyone needs some starter — let me know, I’ve got lots) so I stopped by the grocery store after dropping a friend off.  I got a few things (forgetting a few more so baking still hasn’t happened) and went to stand in line. A guy gets in line behind me, asks me if I have a card for that store (for price discounts). I did. So he asks if he could use it. I let him know that he can and at this point I reach the front of the line, he steps forward, combines his purchase with mine and pays for it all. I’m babbling and confused at this point and don’t know what to say (it could have been a flirting opportunity but I so missed it! Oh well). He said it was thanks for using my discount card, grabbed his purchase and took off.

The cashier and I stood looking at each other completely confused. His purchase, even without my card, would have been about $3. Mine closer to $10 or $12.   Random, but who’s to complain?!?

Sadly, though, it was a prime flirting-practice opportunity and I completely blew it. I apparently don’t do so well at flirting pop quizes. Ah well, I still got groceries for free out of it.


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As the days progress, I’m getting closer and closer to my last day — from the foreseeable future at least — at my job.  It’s very weird to consider what changes are coming, but I know that they are right to happen, so even though I don’t know how I’m going to pay for living while I’m at school, I’m surprisingly unstressed about it.

I’ve mostly spent my time lately working through my finances — getting caught up on where I spend my money, and I’ve learned a few things like where I need to cut back.  But I need to sort these numbers out so that I can make my case as I appeal my student loan amounts.

Anyhow, I did want to give a short update. I don’t really know what to write about  right now — a bit of a blogging mental block, I suppose.  For my readers here, if you have questions or blog topics you would like me to write about, send your inspiration my way. I’d love to have themes to write about.  So what are you curious about? Have always wanted to ask me? Topic where you wonder where I stand?

For now I’m going to bed — an intense tempo run tonight means my legs are tired and I’m ready to crash!

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Don’t you be wasting all your money
On syrup and honey
Cause I’m so eaten up(Cause I’m sweet enough)
Don’t you be using every minute
On making a living
Because we’ve got our love
Listen to me, 1,2,3
Baby, baby, baby spend your time on me

Don’t you be out all night long
Leaving me all alone
Because I, I need your love
Don’t you be spending everyday working away
Because I’m waiting for you
Listen to me, 1,2,3
Baby, baby, baby spend your time on me

Spend it, spend it, spend your time on me
Please baby
Please baby

This is a song that was played at late night at the Seattle Lindy Exchange and it’s one that speaks to me right now.

Just a brief post for the moment with a video for your enjoyment. Perhaps there will be more later.

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The insanity has been mounting lately, and it’s reduced my energy to post long posts here. Last week was particularly crazy as I spoke again with my manager. She’s not sure she can fit me in, come fall, so I may not have a job, or it may not happen immediately.  That’s created focus and a bit of worry — though I must admit that I feel so sure about UBC Nursing is the right direction that I’m not flipping out about money as much as I expected I would be. It will all work out.

Anyhow, so yes, crazy to do lists. It’s going to be a recurring theme this month.  Friday, I headed down to Seattle. After the ‘Crossing Borders’ episode, I decided to use Nexus to cross (alone as there wasn’t another nexus holder available), and leave my car in Bellingham. It was nice, I had lots of time to relax, hang out and talk on the phone while I waited for my friends to catch up with me. It helped to relax me before the weekend really began.

I must admit to being so tired at the moment that I don’t know if I have much specific that I want to say about the weekend. It was wondeful — full of fantastic dances, meeting a few new people, getting to know some acquaintances a bit better, and a weekend that was in general a boost to my self confidence.  The bands were all amazing, the feats of acrobatics at the picnic were wonderful (Pics to follow), dancing at Westlake was warm, fun, and always makes me smile. The annual traditions of dance at night, sleep in the day, a group of us skinny dipping in the lake at midnight (for those friends and family who are shocked at this idea, RELAX, it’s pitch black, no one can see anything anyhow — besides, it’s fun and refreshing), all continued as in other years.

All in all, I had a great time. The end of the weekend’s been a little bit intense.  We left without sleeping so I could attend a funeral, and then after that, I went up to UBC to check out textbooks.  I was not really surprised, but slightly annoyed at the price differences between the UBC Bookstore to buy texts when compared with Amazon or Chapters.  So, I bought 7 texts from these two sites (all at least $10-20 cheaper) and 10 others I’ll get as a package (that includes hard copies, electronic copies — VERY handy — and journal subscriptions).  The last few I’ll check into this weekend — I wanted to take care of the ones I’d need in September now, and for January I’ll order in the next little while.

All in all a hectic day, but I’ve ended with baking Amish Friendship Bread (Link to the recipe to be included later). Partly for stress relief (helps me think and relax), partly because of the timing of the recipe, and partly since I wanted a treat! For now, though, it’s time to crash. Work’s going to hurt, especially as I’ve had energy drinks with caffeine this weekend. No coffee, but I’ll still have to deal with the withdrawal.

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My manager’s back in town, so that means that we’ll be having conversations this week. I am now really hoping that I can keep my position — in a part time capacity, because without any income I’m not sure what I’m going to do for money in the fall. I guess I’ll find out. I’m pretty certain that the ‘right’ path will happen. I know that going back to school is the path for me so it will all work out in the end.But in the mean time I’m kind of stressed about it.

All I can do is take it one day at a time.  I’ve realized too, that buying laundry is not going to happen — I need the ready cash to pay for rent etc. But it will all work out, I’m sure of that.

It also modifies my choices — one very kind friend gave me a coupon for dinner tonight so I managed to enjoy a night out with my running friends, at a very nice restaurant but where it didn’t cost me much money. That will be it, though, for eating out this week. I’ll be doing enough of that this weekend.

For now, I just need to finish my to do list, prepare to appeal my student loan results, clean and make sure I’m getting exercise every day. Right now, I’m going to sleep and be ready for another day at work. A brief update, random thoughts, but there you go. The school countdown is on!

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Today’s been a fast but long day. After stressing out last night, I woke up at 4:30am (intentionally) to get my 32km (20 mile) run in. Bleary-eyed I made my way to the community centre and we went on out. I realized a few things:

1. Running stupid early is great when it’s that long, that hot and I have a lot to do during the day

2. I need new running shoes

3. I love my post-run naps

4. It’s time to update my music on my running iPod. My poor training partner. The last half of the run was peppered with “Damn, I’ve heard that one already this run!”

5. My VO2 Max was really a Vo2 Peak — I was doing an easy pace and was at the same heart rate as fast my peak heart rate in the testing.

After the run was done I went and had my hair done and then home to pass out and nap — for 5 hours. It was an easy day, I got nothing done that I should have, but I slept and it was great! Afterwards it was time for the Celebration of Light I’ve only seen 3/4 of them this year, so I can’t comment on how Canada compares, but of the 3 that I saw, China tonight was amazing! I loved how they used levels — there were things going on at every level and a viewer could be close or farther away and still have an amazing view of the show. The sky was constantly full. The only disappointment was that the music was quieter tonight than usual so I couldn’t hear it, whereas usually I can.

As I got home I learned of a great contest presented on a blog I just found (I recommend a read)

The blog: Nanny Goats in Panties

The giveaway link is here and it’s for a great set of Rachel Ray Cookware.  So I’m entering the contest. How fun would that be to win!

For now though I’m going to head to bed and it will be lovely to sleep until I wake up — with no alarm!

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